1989 Ferrari 328 GTS

The advent of the new Pininfarina designed 308 GTB was hailed by the Tifosi as one of the best Ferraris of modern times, It is no wonder, Following on the heels of the mechanically inspired, but otherwise boring, Bertone-designed 308GT4, the new 308 was drop dead gorgeous.

As Sergio Pininfarina himself pointed out, "every Ferrari car previously designed by us was a great success in the market." From a styling point of view, the 308 owes more to the legendary 246 Dino than to any previous road going Ferrari. Perhaps equally important, the 308 GTB was the first non twelve-cylinder road car to carry the Ferrari badge.

The car was quite sophisticated, particularly for the time, with a transverse mounted all-alloy four cam V8 engine, initially producing 255 horsepower - a remarkable figure. With four-wheel independent suspension and four-wheel disc brakes, the car was extremely well balanced and offered taut handling along with a compliant ride.

A four valve - or quatro-valvole - engine debuted in 1982, improving breathing and tractability. The 328, introduced in 1986, provided updated styling and another 200 cc in displacement, with a resulting power increase to 270bhp. Finally, the new V8 Ferrari was I realizing its potential, with super car power output, and crisp, precise handling.    

The example offered here, finished in white with bright red leather interior (including the dash), is a remarkable original unrestored car. Only 7,200 miles from new, it has been cared for and kept in perfect storage. Originally delivered to California, it is fully documented with all receipts, books. A Ferrari club of America Concours car, it has earned a Platinum award, the club’s highest show car standing. Two sets of wheels are included, the original wheels and tires for show purposes, and a set of 18 inch wheels and tires for driving. A recent major service has been done, meaning this outstanding original Ferrari should provide its new owner with years of trouble free enjoyment – on the concours field or on the road.


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